Bento Bag; Blue and yellow flowers

Bento Bag; Blue and yellow flowers



Bento Bags - Origami Bags; Japanese inspired bags ideal for shopping unpacked all kinds of fruit and vegetables. The Bento Bags closes easily with just a knot. Folded up in your bag it takes up very little space.

This Bento Bag measures: 

Length of bottom: approx. 31 cm

Height: (in the middle): approx. 19 cm

Diameter when tied in a knot: approx. 45 cm

These Bento Bags are made of GOTS Organic Cotton, sewn in one piece which leaves no cut off fabric; no waste. The overlocking seams are sewn with an extra seam to make them stronger.

Washing instructions: can be machine washed at 30-40 degrees in washing machine.