wrapped in COlors - Meditation Stories for Children

Meditation stories for children based on COLORS and EMOTIONS.

Colors are everywhere. Our state of mind and our senses are effected by colors in all awaken hours. While sleeping we experience colors through our dreams. Colors can be used and certain colors brings out certain feelings in each of us.

We love colors, what colors can bring and how we can be inspired by colors.

 A wrapped in COlors product consists of:

  1. Meditationstory based on a COLOR divided in
    1. the heart of the color (focus)
    2. inspiration to the reader about the color and how to read the story
    3. the actual meditation story based on the COLOR 
  2. Activity/drawing/gamebased on the COLOR
  3. Recipe for easy, tasty and healthy food with food in this COLOR as the main ingredient
  4. Photos and videos; from our media listen to/watch elements from nature based on the COLOR

With this content in each pack we aim at the child to live a complete experience of each COLOR by

VISUALIZE and FEEL the color through the meditation story,

EXPERIENCE and USE the color through activity/drawing/game

PLAY with and TASTE the color through cooking,

WATCH and LISTEN TO  the color in nature via our photos and videos.

It is our wish for children and adults to work with the colors in all possible ways together in a positive and learning manner and that the colors can help, especially children to get to know their own emotions.

For more information about each COLOR and pack of meditation stories go to https://www.wrappedinnature.eu/collections/wrapped-in-colors-kids-meditation-packs 

HAVE FUN – and enjoy the process together child and adult.

Sarah, Lisbeth, Lone