Care info for the foodwrap



When you receive your wrap it is ready to use, just unwrap and place it over the bowl, around the vegetable, cheese etc. and with the warmth of your own hands together with a light pressure you can mould the wrap and make it stick to itself around the item. It will become more stiff when it is wrapped or stored in the fridge.

You can wrap it directly on whole or half fruits and vegetable, and use it as a wrap around the cheese or bread or to cover a bowl of leftovers.

The breathable and at the same time insulating of the wrap works fine for an overnight rising dough and it is ideal to cover fermenting food.

Use it for wrapping sandwiches, fruit, snacks etc. to bring on a picnic or as the afterschool snack for the kids.

Do not use the wrap on warm food, so leave leftovers cool down before placing the wrap over them. Do not use the wrap on fresh meat or fish, but for all other food and goodies going on in the kitchen!

The wrap smells nicely of beeswax, which will slowly disappear when using the wrap, it does not interfere with the smell nor taste of the food. The wrap can leave a bit of coating on the outer of the bowls in the beginning and coloured foods might leave a bit of colour on the wraps; wash them right after use; we think of the colours and folds as the personality of our wraps! 



Always wash your wrap in cold water only. You can use a non-alcohol dish soap and a soft sponge (the beeswax is soluble in alcohol) and leave them dripping off to dry.

Do not use the wrap in the oven, microwave nor dishwasher. Avoid high temperatures, direct heat and keep it away from fire and any source of heat. Avoid using knives on the wrap as it might damage the wax.

You can store the wraps rolled up or folded, even recycling the envelope of the wraps for storage! Or you can use the ribbon, wrapped around your wraps, stick it on a corner of a wrap to make a loop for hanging the wraps on a hook.

The wrap can last min. 6 months depending on the usage and if cared for as we suggest. Just imagine all the plastic-wrap waste you avoid during that time…. and later it serves as a re-useable organic kitchen cloth and is compostable!