About us

Thinking about when I, as a child, walked around in the kitchen of my Norwegian grandmother on our family farm in Denmark watching all the jars, bowls and bottles of homemade delicious food covered in and wrapped with fabric and the red and white squared cloth around the bread. Remembering when we unwrapping each sandwich in the picnic basket from its particular fabric wrap…. And sometime long ago the outer of the cheese was bees wax.

After a long time trying to avoid plastic and packaging I found lovely natural food wraps in Australia…. then more of the same kind in the US, Canada, NZ! But bringing these all the way to Europe would leave too many carbon footprints and after some time blogging about food, DIY etc., and being a lifetime autodidact designer of fabric and yarn, it is like melting all this together in “WRAPPED IN NATURE” food wraps; food and fabric…like filling a bottle with my past and pouring out this natural food wrap….

We have so many local producers of wrapping-ingredients in Europe, so we have developed a local European re-useable, environmentally friendly, sustainable and biodegradable food wrap replacing cling film, plastic, aluminium foil etc.!

All the WRAPPED IN NATURE products are handmade in our home in Northwest area in the Madrid Region in Spain or on our farm in Denmark and all ages of the family members are part of the handmaking process!!.