About us

Thinking about when I, as a child, walked around in the kitchen of my Norwegian grandmother on our family farm in Denmark watching all the jars, bowls and bottles of homemade delicious food covered in, wrapped and stored with fabric and in glass jars.... and sometime long ago the outer of the cheese was bees wax.

Having used natural ways of storing food in my own kitchen for many years and being an autodidact designer I am grateful for being able to make fabric food storage solutions available for others.

Focussing on being as local as possible, all our ingredients and materials are European, we produce all our products in Europe and we only sell in Europe; all to reduce our carbon footprints.

All the WRAPPED IN NATURE products are handmade in our home in Northwest area in the Madrid Region in Spain or on our farm in Denmark and all ages of the family members are part of the handmaking process!!.