About us

I am Lone, from Denmark living for the past 20+ years in the Northwest from Madrid, Spain.
Being creative and curios one of my passions is design and to rethink everyday items looking back at what was used in earlier decades to replace all the single-use options we have now. I started out making Organic Bees wax foodwraps in 2016 and have since then included more reusable items.
Apart from what I design myself, in 2018 I also joint together with Charlotte (www.charlottehouman.com) - another Dane in Spain and Textile Designer to found NORDICAS, Naturally Hemp being reusable and sustainable products made from the oldest fiber know; HEMP. You can read more under NORDICAS on this site.
Other of my passions are yoga, meditation, mindfulness. Based on those and being a mom myself (2 boys), together with Lisbeth and Sarah we founded wrapped in COlors, which are Meditation Stories based on COLORS and EMOTIONS for children. You can read more about wrapped in COlors on this site.
Thank you for stopping by, we hope you will enjoy our site.