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wrapped in COlors

 Meditation stories for children based on COLORS and EMOTIONS.

Colors are everywhere. Our state of mind and our senses are effected by colors in all awaken hours. While sleeping we experience colors through our dreams. Colors can be used and certain colors brings out certain feelings in each of us.

We love colors, what colors can bring and how we can be inspired by colors.

 A wrapped in COlors product consists of:

  1. Meditationstory based on a COLOR divided in
    1. the heart of the color (focus)
    2. inspiration to the reader about the color and how to read the story
    3. the actual meditation story based on the COLOR 
  2. Activity/drawing/gamebased on the COLOR
  3. Recipe for easy, tasty and healthy food with food in this COLOR as the main ingredient
  4. Photos and videos; from our social media listen to/watch elements from nature based on the COLOR

Through wrapped In COlor we wish to bring awareness to the healing power of colors and how they can be used for emotional regulation and expression. We hope these activities bring joy, connection and harmony to both children and parents who practice them.  

The Meditation Story kits  are meant to give children comprehensive experience of COLORS using their different senses;

VISUALIZE and FEEL the color through a Meditation Story,

INTEGRATE and USE the color through an Activity,

PLAY WITH and TASTE the color through Cooking,

WATCH and LISTEN TO the color in nature or via Photos and Videos.

How the idea arose:

As parents we know how our children react to and are affected by emotional triggers that arise on a daily basis due to their own thoughts or due to elements in their environment.

The emotional wellbeing of our children and ourselves is necessary to have happy and fulfilled lives. Therefore, finding the right way to help us notice, nameand express feelings and emotions to find balance, is an important life skill to attain.

Our Meditation Kits have been created to support families connect and reflect together. They intend to inspire parents to coach their children through different emotions using the healing energy of colors, meditations and activities.  Our Kits contain a mediation story, an activity and recipe based on specific colors to start head-starting different experiences that will take you on experiential adventures within, using your 5 senses.

The adult can choose which color/emotion they would like to read to their child based on a recent event just because they need some positive reinforcement. Although we do encourage the children to choose the emotion they feel more aligned with.

The Meditation Story Kit has guided instruction and explanations on how the color, emotion and exercises are related and can help your child. 

Apart from the Meditation Story each Pack has a food recipe and an activity also based on the same color, to keep working with and talking about the color while doing an activity together with the child; to feel, taste, use, visualize and integrate the color before and/or after reading the story.


We are:

Sarah Asem

I grew up in a multicultural family, I am a mother of 2 girls and 1 boy and I live in Spain.

I passionately advocate for Emotional wellbeing and actively pursue its implementation in educational programs and parenting styles. Understanding our emotions allows us to embrace our humanity and connect to others from a common ground,  bringing us together in magical ways. I believe every individual has innate strengths and great value to share in the world that can be discovered through conscious living; in pursuit of their essence. I am also;

  • Co-Founder and CEO, Kyan Foundation
  • Founder, Luminary minds
  • Transpersonal Life Coach
  • Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator
  • MINDUP Program Facilitator
  • MBSR Foundations Certification
  • ´00 BS, ´02 MA Emerson College-Bosto

Favorite quote: “What you seek is seeking you” - Rumi


Lisbeth Vittrup

I am Danish, living in Denmark and a mother of 1 boy and 1 girl.

After years of experience working as an entrepreneurial consultant with export of organic food products and conceptual business development, I value the moral and ethics in the whole value-chain within ecology and sustainability. As part of my work in the organic food area I have developed healthy, nutrient-dense food recipes for use in the marketing of organic vegetables, fruits and berries. I am passionate about personal development, meditation and self-healing through my own experiences of suffering a chronic disease (Diabetes Type 1). My personal situation has led me to focus on conscious living, to embrace balance and the positive effect of working with meditation including colors daily. I am also:

  • Founder of Sence of Balance
  • Export Manager / Consultant (Danish Food Industry)
  • HD in Marketing, University of SDU
  • MBCT course (Mindfullness)
  • Facilitator (Denmark) for Amma
  • Student by MRK “Soul Transformation”

Favorite quote: 

“Strengthen the body by activity and physical expansion. The mind is strengthened and balanced in an optimal way by mental peace and serenity”

Mata Amritanandamayi



Lone Eidseth

I am Danish, I grew up in a multicultural family, now living in Spain and a mother of 2 boys.

Being passionate about all kinds of creative processes and sustainable living, I had a food and creativity blog for years, focusing on children, upcycling and wholefood recipes with glutenfree and refined sugarfree food. I have great interest in self-healing and conscious living. Working deeper with mindfulness, meditation, yoga, emotions and colors has helped me through a personal experience with anxiety. Yoga is part of my everyday life, with yoga-teaching sessions to children. I have experienced the benefits of color and emotion based meditations with my own children since they were toddlers. I formerly worked within Export, Marketing, as a Business Consultant and a Designer. I am also:

  • Founder of wrapped in NAture
  • Co-founder and designer of NORDICAS, Naturally Hemp
  • Student of MBSR, Foundations
  • (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)
  • Business & Language, CBS, Copenhagen

Favorite quote: 

It is easier to build strong children, than to repair broken men

Frederick Douglass


We wish and hope these Meditation Story kits will bring joy and togetherness for parents and children.


Sarah, Lisbeth and Lone


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RAINBOW COLORS Meditation Story kit for Children - FREE €0.00

RAINBOW COLORS Meditation Story kit for Children - FREE

RAINBOW COLORS Meditation Story kit for Children - FREE

RAINBOW COLORS Meditation Story kit for Children - FREE


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ORANGE Meditation Story kit for Children €3.50

ORANGE Meditation Story kit for Children

ORANGE Meditation Story kit for Children

ORANGE Meditation Story kit for Children


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BLUE Meditation Story kit for Children €3.50

BLUE Meditation Story kit for Children

BLUE Meditation Story kit for Children

BLUE Meditation Story kit for Children


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