March 27, 2017

Vegan Easter Egg

Getting closer to the lovely and colourful easter-time…. the apple trees are showing small flowers, birds are singing happily and the kids are everyday asking “when are we going to do the “easter-egg-hunt” …..??!

So we start easter a bit earlier here – to have time to make a lot of easter decorations AND to make our own easter eggs – (a bit healthier than the prefabricated ones wrapped in colorfull golden paper/plastic/aluminium....!)

The natural coloured topping for these eggs are either RED, YELLOW or GREEN – and we still can not decide which one is our favourite – so everytime we make them – we take one of each colour!!

The topping is made of coconut flour mixed with either dried Blueberry Dust to get the RED, Turmeric to get the YELLOW and Chorella Algae to get the GREEN. The Blueberry Dust have a nice desert kind of taste. I just love Turmeric for its colour, the taste and it gives this egg an almost Indian twist of flavour. For the green one the Chorella Algae gives it a tiny toutch of the ocean and then there is the small detoxing effect from the Chorella, even if it is just this little amount!

So here is how we make these SO easy coloured easter eggs:

1 1/2 part nuts (we use a mix of almonds and cashew and a small part of shelled hemp seeds)

1 part medjoul dates

Soak almonds and cashew over night. Blend first the nuts and add in the dates, blend well until a sticky mass to be able to shape the egg form. If not used for “egg-event” such as easter – they could just be rolled.


A stick - (long or short popcicle stick, toothpick or the like) is put into the wide end of the egg.

Melt some dark chocolate (I use 85%). With a teaspoon pour melted chocolate all over the egg and just after sprinkle the RED, YELLOW or GREEN topping over so it will stick to the melted chocolate.

Do the same with all eggs and stick the other end into something (a bread, a glass, a bowl) so they are “standing up” and leave them in a cool place until the chocolate is cold and have hardened. Once the chocolate is hard they can be kept lying down in the fridge for freezer for days (but are very likely to be eaten the very same day!).

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