March 01, 2017

Coffee please... ZERO waste

Yes, we drink quite a lot of coffee…. the smell, the taste….. cannot help it, just love it!! 

We have tried different brewing forms, types of coffee, formats etc. …. and we are NO experts within the coffee field, we just like it, and prefer it black, no milk, no sugar! But, last summer we found the perfect brewing process, and coffee, for us:

Filtered coffee brewed in a Chemex .......(this could be any other type of machine/jar for filtered coffee).

Apart from the good looks of the Chemex, the lovely smell and a coffee taste that suits us, we think it is also a good way of making ZEROwaste coffee!

  1. You can buy the beans in bulk and ground just the amount you need (this is good exercise for the arms as well!!) or buy grounded coffee - in bulk, or bring you own glass jar/fabric bag to a packaging free supermarket if you are lucky to have one nearby.

This avoids plasticbags of 250 or 500 g coffee in the weekly waste!  

  1. Instead of single-use paper filters, we use homemade fabric coffee filters (made of organic cotton)

Reusable for SO long (still using the same ones as last summer!!) I rinse them in cold water after each use, wash them every 1-2 months and every once and again I boil them for 5-10 minutes for the coffee oils to be washed away.)

  1. Composting the coffee grounds..........What a perfect ingredient for compost! We have used coffee grounds for compost for years with perfect result!

*If you are interested in reading more about coffee grounds as compost, please see below, where I have copied a few links with useful information when it comes to composting coffee grounds.

Result; this way of making coffee “only” creates one fabric or plastic bag per bulk-bought coffee beans (unless you go to packaging free supermarket, where you will have no waste at all!) which is much less than other coffee we have made during the past 10+ years!

And what about coffee to-go…. I always bring my to-go bamboo coffee cup in my bag to avoid single-use ones!


Links about coffee compost - (you will find a lot more browsing around):

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