December 12, 2017

Christmas Decoration from Natural or Recycled materials

We do love christmas in our house; all the traditions, smells, taste, lights and the decoration! Taking a walk in stores or malls you see lovely christmas decoration, but there is also a lot of, .... ahem...plastic!

Being a Dane, "hygge" is part of our everyday life, but at Christmas time it can indeed be spelled in big letters HYGGE....! And hygge for us, as for so many others, is also coming up with ideas of new homemade Christmas decorations and we are trying to focus on natural, recycled or even sustainable materials. And today, half way to Christmas Eve there is still lots of time to make more things for decorating.

Here comes a few of our ideas - old and new.....


.... in all shapes is of course a must at Christmas, these ones we have braided the typical Danish way with different materials:



Recycled paper mixed with newspaper or magazines

... and the wooden ones made by a friend.

The even hearts are made by folding two circles, sticking them together with glue and adding a hook for hanging. For these we also recycle paper from magazines, old drawings from the kids or other paper to be recycled.

Here is how to make the braided hearts:




....can be made from the same recycled materials as the hearts....


The typical way of making stars with four even paper strips. We make them from:

Recycled paper.

Paper from magazines.

Old drawings the kids made.

Here is how to (according to the drawings, not the text.):

Wooden christmas tree:

Our wooden Christmas tree (the photo in the top of this blogpost) is made from a used broom-stick we made this Christmas tree, which we either hang on the wall or put in a pot with stones for it to stand. We made holes in it and put in bamboo sticks from the garden.

Small christmas trees:

Small sticks found on a walk in nature which we cut in different lengths. Some are wrapped in leftover fabric or paper and they are put together by a thin wire forming a christmas shape.

Christmas trees folded from used magazines (those with a hard back).


Walking along the beaches - summer or winter - when we do our "5 minutes clean-up" we collect these cork from wine bottles ; for example to make these cute reindeer:

Angels and gnomes:

The fruits from the beech tree makes the base for small angels and gnomes ...... Head and wings are made with clay.... but could be made with paper from news paper or magazines.


Decoration with a scent:

Oranges with cloves.

Hearts, christmas trees or other shapes cut from bees wax.

Stars or hearts made from recycled paper with star annis, cinnamon, goji berries, clove, liquorice etc.


Small sticks made as a star where we added grass, dried mint and a cinnamon stick, this one goes on our front door:




 .............MERRY CHRISTMAS.................



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