January 12, 2017

Black seeds snack bar

We love the taste of cumin (adding it to the Spanish gazpacho in summer or to different crackers we make), so we also added cumin taste to these snack bars, this time the tiny Black Seeds aka Nigella Sativa! 

The black seeds have many names.....Roman coriander, black sesame, black cumin, black caraway and onion seed, but it is known today primarily as black seed. These seeds are said to have a long list of health benefits and have been used for hundreds of years (lots of information about the benefits of black seeds can be found, browsing around...) We just really also like the taste of them and we also use the black seed oil for other purposes in the kitchen. It is just generally recommended not eat more than approx. 1 teaspoon black seed per day.

Part of my breakfast is sometimes a mix of hemp seeds, black seeds, goji and flax seeds – and then mixing that with fresh pollen one day ….. I just had to make some snack bars with just that mix of flavours, cause together with the golden fresh pollen the black seeds make a great couple for these snack bars-to-go!

 So here comes the very easy recipe: 


Soaking time: 7 hours.

Preparation time: 10 minutes.

1 cup cashew nuts

4 to 6 dried figs (depending on the size, your should add more until you have a sticky mass)

1 1/2 spoon of crushed goji and flax seeds (mix your self or maybe use the one from Linwoods)

1 1/2 spoon hemp seeds

1 1/2 spoon coconut oil

Sprinkle with: Fresh Bee Pollen and Black Nigella Seeds



How to:

Strain the soaked cashew nuts.

Put all ingredients in the blender, mix well until it forms a sticky mass

Form info the shape of bars you like (this amount could be approx. 1 cm high, 15 cm long and 6 cm wide) - I normally put the everything into one of our wraps, fold it around and form the shape with the wrap around the mass. Then I open the wrap, sprinkle the seeds and pollen on the top and close the wraps around the mass again and place the wrapped mass in the freezer.

It can be stored several weeks in the freezer and you can take it out, cut a piece and leave the rest back in the freezer.


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